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known loss

After years and years of desperation he suddenly appeared again.

He was standing right before her and she couldn't help but to remember all the pain she had suffered within the bygone years.

The long dark nights came back into her mind,

where she had been unable to sleep- weeping;

darkness all around her.

The black walls of her chamber always seemed to move closer and closer while she struggled to keep breathing.

Several times she fell asleep, weakend by all the pain and trembling uncertainty.

He came to her in her dreams, he spoke to her, his gentle hands were touching her cheeks.

While she was dreaming, she was able to feel whole again, able to experience one single moment of true happyness.

But these dreams were what she feared the most.

Because by the time she woke up, things have only gotten worse. The illusion had vanished.

She was alone, alone with the memory of what she had lost.

Due to her dreams she was always aware of his absence.

And with every dream and every morning alone in the cheerless room, she lost her hope.

The first years she spend her time always standing by the window, staring outside, waiting for him to return.

She never turned her head away.

She doesn't wanted to miss the moment in which he would come back to her, smiling, looking magnificent.

But the time went by and he never showed up.

One lonley winter morning she stopped waiting.

All her hope was gone, all her dreams were smashed.

She opened the window and the cold from outside was creeping in like some poor beggar.

The cold danced around her nacked feet, moved on to her back, gently cuddeling her neck and finally reaching her heart.

The cold from outside was nothing compared to the cold within her.

In this instant her heart turned to ice.

She never felt anything ever again, not even when she woke up laying between her sweat-soaken sheets after having another dream.

Than the dreams never stopped, they were hunting, haunting, but not hurting her anymore.

And after all these years he came back.

He stared at her unable to say a word, she stared at him unable to breath.

The woman next to him reached for his hand.

It was like someone had punshed a deep hole right into her chest.

After all these years he had returned.

And along with his return all the pain roared back like it had never been away.

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